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WONAIXI company established expert workstations and got the certification of government departments

The expert workstation established by WONAIXI company (WNX) has got the certification and good evaluation of the economic and Information Technology Committee of the government agency in December 2023.

Company Established Expert Workstations (2)

The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, always uphold the concept——the science and technology is the first productive force. At present, the company has 8 R&D projects, and the R&D spending in 2022 is more than 6 million yuan. In order to inject continuous innovation and development power for the company, we signed “rare earth research and application technology School-enterprise cooperation agreement” and co-build “school-enterprise cooperation innovation research and development unit” and “teaching practice base” with Chengdu University of Technology.

In order to further realize the green and sustainable development of the enterprise, WNX signed the “Expert Workstation Arrival Agreement” with the expert team led by Professor WenLai Xu from Chengdu University of Technology, and carried out the construction of the expert workstation. The team of 11 experts consists of 4 professors and 7 associate professors in the field of water pollution control. The leading expert is Professor WenLai Xu, professor and doctoral tutor of Chengdu University of Technology, Director of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of Chengdu University of Technology, deputy director of the Engineering Laboratory of Urban Sewage Treatment Technology in Sichuan Province, and a fixed researcher of the State Key Laboratory of Geological Disaster Prevention and Geological Environmental Protection. He is engaged in energy saving and environmental protection work, mainly engaged in water pollution control engineering.

Company Established Expert Workstations (1)

At present, the expert workstation is carrying out the project research of “Anaerobic ammoxidation and denitrification Coupled Denitrification Performance and Mechanism of Artificial Rapid Filtration System”. This project adopts the construction of CRI device to carry out SAD denitrification of ammonium nitrate production wastewater, reducing the ammonium nitrate concentration in industrial wastewater to 15mg/L. After denitrification treatment, the water can be directly used in the production of water purification system to achieve water recycling. Compared with the existing scheme of evaporation and concentration of nitrogen-containing sewage into ammonia water, this technology saves energy more, can bring direct economic benefits to the production of enterprises, and is a greener and optimized scheme for the treatment of industrial nitrogen-containing water.

Post time: Jan-31-2023