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Cerium Carbonate

  • Cerium Carbonate (Ce2(CO3)3) (CAS No. 537-01-9)

    Cerium Carbonate (Ce2(CO3)3) (CAS No. 537-01-9)

    Cerium carbonate (Ce2(CO3)3), white powder insoluble in water, soluble in acid. Cerium carbonate is a primary single rare earth salt prepared by rare earth extraction precipitation process. It is an important raw material for synthesis of other cerium salts and cerium oxide.

    By constantly exploring the characteristics of cerium carbonate products under different technological conditions, WONAIXI Company can achieve customized production of high-quality cerium carbonate, such as: Large Particle Size Cerium Carbonate, Low Chloride And Low Ammonium Cerium Carbonate (Cl- < 45ppm, NH4+ < 400ppm), High Purity Carbonate (each non-rare earth metal impurity is less than 1ppm).