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Cerium Hydroxide

  • Cerium(Ⅳ) Hydroxide (Ce(OH)4) (CAS No.12014-56-1)

    Cerium(Ⅳ) Hydroxide (Ce(OH)4) (CAS No.12014-56-1)

    Cerium hydroxide (Ce(OH)4), also known as cerium hydrate, is a light yellow or brownish yellow powder with good optical properties, electrical properties and catalytic properties. It is widely used in gas-sensitive sensors, fuel cells, nonlinear optics, catalysts and other fields.

    WONAIXI company has the invention patent of high purity cerium hydroxide production process, and can provide customers with high quality cerium hydroxide products (e.g.SO42-<100ppm, Cl -<50ppm etc.) and a competitive price.