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The 3rd China Rare Earth Industry Forum

The “3rd China Rare Earth Industry Chain Forum in 2023″ was recently held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Minmetals and Chemicals, “New Material Cloud Creation” New Material Science and Technology Innovation Brain, and Shanghai Ganglian E-Commerce Co., Ltd.  Our company was invited and arrange the related clerk to attending the forum with experts and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and issues in the rare earth industry.

The 3rd China Rare Earth Industry Forum (1)


Zhu Kongyuan, deputy director of the China Automotive Industry Economic and Technical Information Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech on the development of China’s new energy vehicle market. He also made a detailed analysis about the tight relation between rare earth and new energy vehicle market, the power battery market, the development of charging and swapping infrastructure. Chen Zhanheng, deputy secretary-general of the China Rare Earth Industry Association, emphasized the importance of developing rare earth terminal application products and strengthen our capacity for product innovation and research in order to transform rare earth resource advantages into economic advantages. He stressed that simply increasing the price of rare earth products is insufficient; instead, we should vigorously promote the application level of rare earth materials in end products. The realization of the value of rare earth resources is reflected through the terminal application, and it is crucial that we transform the advantages of rare earth resources in China into economic advantages.

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The represent of our company shared with the participant in the same field about the ten invention patents we have achieved in cerium carbonate series products, Ammonium ceric nitrate series products and anhydrous series products.  We all agreed that the customers in different application fields for rare earth high-purity products have different demands and then discuss the development status and trend in each application field in the future. We believe that product customization and one production line should have the ability to produce a variety of products will become the trend. 

Post time: Apr-10-2023