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The 14th China Baotou rare earth industry forum and China rare earth society 2022 academic annual conference was held in Baotou from August 18 to 19

The 14th China Baotou · rare Earth Industry Forum and China Rare Earth Society 2022 Academic Annual Conference was held in Baotou from August 18 to 19.  The theme of this forum is “Enhancing the Technological Innovation Capacity of the rare Earth Industry and Ensuring the Stability and Security of the Industrial Chain and Supply Chain”. It is co-sponsored by the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Society of Rare Earth and the China Association of Rare Earth Industry. Our company was been invited and assigned representatives of our researchers to attend this academic conference.


Conference pointed out that it aims at expanding the influence of the rare Earth Forum and the Academy annual meeting, at the same time, reinforcing the academic conference, fully displaying Chinese basic research, applied research and latest progress of industrial technology and market, which contains rare earth resource exploitation and environmental protection, rare earth functional materials technology innovation, new rare earth materials testing analysis and evaluation of performance of cutting-edge technology, It points out the direction for further research on the development of rare earth industry.

According to the different links or application fields of the rare earth industry chain, it was divided into 12 branch conferences for themed academic reports and seminars. Including: rare earth ore separation and smelting technology, rare earth hydrogen storage materials, rare earth permanent magnet materials, rare earth optical functional materials, rare earth catalytic materials, rare earth alloys, polishing materials, rare earth crystal materials and other fields.

Our company produces huge quantities of high purity cerium hydroxide, cerium ammonium nitrate and other products as precursors for automobile tail gas catalysts, and has recently broken through the process of preparing high purity cerium nitrate (Reo/Treo≥99.9999%), which can provide high purity rare earth precursor materials for downstream applications. The development requirements of rare earth precursor materials for catalytic materials, chip polishing fluid and other application fields were discussed with industry experts and peers in the discussion stage of academic conference. Through this academic conference, we can grasp the key direction of industry development and downstream demand, and point out the direction for the company’s future research and development, production.

The meeting altogether signed 50 projects, contract amount reaches up to 30.3 billion yuan, project covers rare earth( cerium oxide, cerium chloride, ammonium cerium nitrate, etc.), rare earth permanent magnet, polishing(polishing powder), alloy, equipment, new materials, new energy and other fields, the implementation of these projects will inject new vitality for high quality rare earth industry development, add momentum, expand the new development  way, vigorously promoted the high-quality development of the rare-earth industry.


Post time: Nov-28-2022