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Introduction of Ammonium Cerium Nitrate

Ammonium cerium nitrate (CAN) is a versatile inorganic compound that has been widely used in different industries.  One of the most promising applications of CAN is in the field of catalysis, where it improves the efficiency of catalytic reactions in various fields.

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The compound is widely used as a catalyst in the manufacture of synthetic fibers and plastics, as well as in the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes and ceramics. Its catalytic properties help to speed up chemical reactions without compromising the quality of the final product.

One of the unique features of ammonium cerium nitrate is its ability to promote the selective oxidation of various organic compounds, making it an ideal candidate for organic synthesis. Its catalytic activity helps facilitate redox reactions, which are essential for the synthesis of several essential organic compounds.

The use of CAN is not limited to the chemical and healthcare industries. It is also used in the manufacture of electronic components and as a light-emitting material. Its luminescent properties have led to the development of CAN-based coatings with potential applications in energy-efficient lighting and displays.

In conclusion, cerium ammonium nitrate is a versatile compound with multiple applications in different industries. Its catalytic, oxidizing and luminescent properties make it an essential component in the manufacture of a variety of industrial products. The compound has also found promising applications in the medical field as a potential treatment for various diseases. As research on this compound continues, new applications are expected to be discovered, making this compound an even more valuable asset to science and industry.

WONAIXI company (WNX) started pilot production of Ammonium cerium nitrate in 2011 and officially put into mass production in 2012. At present, WNX has the annual production capacity of 2,500 tons of Ammonium cerium nitrate. We have industrial grade ammonium cerium nitrate and electronic grade ammonium cerium nitrate to meet the different needs.

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Post time: Mar-31-2023