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Domestic and overseas well-known enterprises travel to Sichuan——signed a contract with Sichuan Wonaixi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. in Shawan

April 17th, SICHUAN tour activities of well-known domestic and overseas enterprises LESHAN major industrial project investment promotion and project official signing ceremony was held in Chengdu. Municipal Party Committee deputy secretary, Mayor Zhang Tong delivered a speech. Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary General Gao Pengling presided over the presentation. Deputy Mayors Zhou Lunbin and Liao Kequan attended the meeting. Zuo Xiaolin, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and governor of the district, attended the ceremony and signed the project of 2000t/a high-purity rare earth salt and 3000t/a high-grade polishing powder with Sichuan Wonaixi New Material Technology Company on behalf of Shawan District People’s Government. The city centrally signed 46 major projects; the agreement amounts of 331.07 billion yuan.


Our representative introduced our development history and planning to the leaders and industry colleagues. Our company was established in April 2012, belongs to rare earth deep processing fine chemical enterprise, the main raw material is cerium carbonate (rare earth separation of excess products), business scope is cerium ammonium nitrate (high purity CAN) and other products. The products are used in etching of LCD panel and circuit board, purification of automobile emission, coal chemical cracking catalyst, cathode material of lithium battery, paint drying agent, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on. In 2015, we have obtained 9 utility model patents, and another 6 invention patents have been accepted by the State Intelligent Property Right Bureau. The product are mainly sold to France RHODIA company, Japan CANON company, Japan LIANSHI NEW MATERIAL CORP., SICHUAN JIANG XI COPPER CORPORATION LIMITED, DALIAN INSTITUDE OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, and other domestic and foreign markets. In the stainless-steel Industrial Park, the company has built a production line with an annual output of 2000 tons of catalyst grade cerium ammonium nitrate, covering an area of 100 acres and providing about 500 jobs.


Post time: Nov-28-2022