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Application of Cerium Oxide

Cerium oxide (Cerium) is a material with very good thermal stability. It can be used at high temperatures and does not suffer from nitrification or reduction reactions. This allows cerium oxide to be widely used in various fields.


Cerium oxide (Cerium) can be used to improve the color. By adding Cerium oxide (Cerium) to the compound of metal, glass, rubber and other substances, the surface color can be made purer, brighter and more vivid. Cerium oxide can also increase the heat resistance of various compounds, so it is widely used in the manufacture of various refractory materials.

At the same time, cerium oxide (Cerium) is also a very important catalyst. Cerium oxide can promote the oxidation reaction in the reaction system, not only increase the reaction rate, but also effectively control the selectivity of the reaction. Therefore, cerium oxide (Cerium) is widely used in various fields such as casting, catalytic cracking and chemical reaction.

In addition, cerium oxide also has a wide range of applications in the fields of electronic technology and fine machinery manufacturing. Cerium oxide powder can be used to make materials such as display screens, sapphire, and high-temperature superconductors. In addition, cerium oxide (Cerium) can also be added to the engine oil to improve the oxidation stability of the engine oil, thereby prolonging the service life of the machine.

In general, cerium oxide (Cerium) is a material with very good thermal stability, and it has broad application prospects in various fields. When using cerium oxide (Cerium), you need to pay attention to safety issues and strictly follow the instructions for use.


For chemical companies, it is necessary to understand the properties of cerium oxide (Cerium) and its application in various industries. Through an in-depth understanding of cerium oxide (Cerium), we can provide more choices for our own business development and better grasp market opportunities. If you need cerium oxide, please contact us.  WONAIXI company has produced cerium oxide for over ten years and has the annual production capacity of 1,500 tons of cerium oxide. We provide customers with high quality cerium oxide products and a competitive price.

Post time: Mar-16-2023